Employment Opportunities

Perdue Inc. is always looking for qualified and motivated CDL drivers who are seeking a place where they can put their skills to work. We hire both full time and part time drivers with varying levels of experience. Often times we need to bring on extra drivers during peak times of the year and we can always take your application and follow up with you when we need more drivers. We are also currently attempting to expand our operations and this will require us to bring on several drivers.


If you currently have a CDL and are looking for work where you don't have to be on the road and away from your family for weeks at a time, Perdue Inc. could be the place for you. We specialize in short route hauling in the local, state and region wide areas. Our drivers have a family friendly schedule and are home most nights and weekends


We require that all our employees have a CDL, but our spotting employees have a set schedule that currently includes working three and one half days a week on twelve hour shifts. Spotting is an excellent way to gain valuable experience in the transportation industry.


If you are looking for more information regarding our employment opportunities visit the contact page.

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